Vermont’s Craft Distilling Movement Comes of Age, Ken Picard of Seven Days Newspaper


“Ryan Christiansen stands on a stainless-steel platform beside a tall, silver column and explains how it’s used for raising spirits — not from the dead but from living, fermented grain mash. Christiansen, head distiller at Caledonia Spirits in Hardwick, has personally modified and fine-tuned this column still, which he uses exclusively for the second pass at distilling vodka. Though two distillations aren’t a lot by vodka standards, he says, he chose that method deliberately to allow certain flavor … Continue reading


Gin You Should Be Drinking – Summer 2014 – by Gastonomista


There’s a lot of really exciting stuff happening in the gin world right now, and I love that gins are becoming more expressive and flavorful.  Companies are playing with flavor such as peaches, lemongrass, sage, and Douglas Fir, and the results are amazing.  Read the full article by Gastronomista by CLICKING HERE.

Live from the Hive: July 2014

Queen cell on frame

“The Making of a Queen” by Annie Watson, Thistle Hill Studio

In this picture you see a “queen cup” — an elongated cell, looking a bit like an ice cream cone, that contains a queen bee larva. The bees are making a new queen, which they do when the queen dies, is failing, or has left the hive with a swarm. A fertilized egg develops into a queen when the workers feed a fertilized … Continue reading

July Newsletter 2014


Ascending to the Lakes of the Clouds hut, at the foot of Mt. Washington

On July 4, Justin was feeling very patriotic, and in honor of our first president, filled his backpack with a 750 mL of Barr Hill gin and began the ascent to the Lakes of the Clouds Hut, perched on the side of Mt. Washington, which is the highest peak in the Northeast and is named after George Washington.  The gin was a gift for the crew, … Continue reading