Field Report from the Panhandle, North Florida by Todd Hardie

Field Report Florida March 2014

March 20, 2014
Steve, his wife Leslie and family have moved their honey bees years from Central Florida north into the Panhandle. The excessive use of chemicals in Central Florida was keeping their queen bees from successfully mating and killing the bees that were out for pollination and honey production. The Northwest of Florida, the Panhandle region, is heavily forested, and the bees gather nectar from the flowers here, including the famous tupelo tree that grows in the swamp … Continue reading


“32 Independent Craft Distillers You Need To Know Right Now.” by Food Republic copy

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Live from the Hive: April 2014


“First Pollen” by Annie Watson, Thistle Hill Studio

As soon as the weather warms up in April (we hope!) the bees will begin to collect pollen from the early-blooming plants. In Vermont, the first ones are pussy willow, goat willow, and red maple. Keep a lookout for that red “glow” on the hillsides in April. It’s easily seen on a rainy day. Get up close to see the colorful red maple flower and … Continue reading

April Newsletter 2014


the soul of a farmer field notes from an 8,000+ mile, 4.6 week trip around our country “Here we are smelling the nectar off of the ti-ti flower. We are fixing to raise queens, and are about two weeks late because of the weather, rain and cold. The bees are getting ready for tupelo which will be around the 15th or 18th of April.” – Steve Cantu, Wewahitchka, in the Florida Panhandle March 20, 2014
Steve, his wife Leslie … Continue reading