Announcing Arizona and Georgia


Caledonia Spirits is now available in the great states of Arizona and Georgia.  Stay tuned to the Store Locator feature on our website to find a retail location or bar serving Barr Hill gin near you!  Pictured here are some happy bees pollinating the Arizona state flower, the Saguaro Cactus.


“Back to the Land: Vermont’s Homegrown Spirits Boom” by Jake Blumgart


In an isolated corner of Vermont, the Northeast Kingdom was once a center for American industry.  Now a cradle of agriculture and seasonal tourism, the region has harnessed its bounty to create a new kind of market – one of truly local spirits. READ FULL ARTICLE

Live from the Hive: September 2014

Honey bee on goldenrod flower

“Goldenrod” by Annie Watson, Thistle Hill Studio

As I walk in the garden, a pungent essence wafts across the back yard. This is goldenrod honey, being made in the beehives. September is the month of the goldenrod bloom, characterized by a spicy fragrance coming from the flowers and a heavy, rich, yeasty aroma emanating from the beehives as the bees transform goldenrod nectar into their winter stores of honey. Truly, without the goldenrod they could not make it through the … Continue reading

September Newsletter 2014


Barr Hill looking southwest, July 29, 2014.  Camel’s Hump is seen on the horizon, just to the left of center.  photo by Jan Cannon,

In Vermont we live and farm in the valleys and hills between the mountains and higher hills.  We treasure and collect those high places that can be ascended in an hour or so, where you can go for part of the afternoon with … Continue reading