Caledonia Spirits sources local white oak and a Cooper to make barrels for aging rye whiskey, corn whiskey, bourbon, and Tom Cat barrel aged gin

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Because of a national barrel shortage, we have not been able to get enough barrels to fill with rye whiskey, bourbon, corn whiskey, and Tom Cat barrel aged gin. Our mission includes buying local organic rye and corn for our whiskey program. Thus, we set out to find white oak in Vermont and a Cooper, someone who makes barrels. Everything has come together in the last few months, and we will start to fill … Continue reading


Working with local farms and closing the loop at the Caledonia Spirits distillery in Hardwick, Vt.


Tyler Buswell of the Caledonia Spirits production team, loads up a dump trailer with spent grains from our whiskey distillation and spent juniper berries from our gin distillation. This compost is transported to Black Dirt Farm in Standard, VT where it will be fed to chickens. Interesting fact, the chickens love juniper berries! What the chickens don’t eat will get composted.

Live From the Hive: November 2014

Jars of honey

“Honey, the Magical Food” by Annie Watson, Thistle Hill Studio

Imagine a food which has an incomparable rich sweet flavor, never spoils, and contains proteins, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. That’s honey.

Honey is truly a magical substance. For thousands of years it was the only sweetener known to man. It’s mentioned in many ancient texts, from the Bible, to the Quran, to Hindu scriptures. It’s deeply embedded in the folklore of many … Continue reading

September Newsletter 2014


Barr Hill looking southwest, July 29, 2014.  Camel’s Hump is seen on the horizon, just to the left of center.  photo by Jan Cannon,

In Vermont we live and farm in the valleys and hills between the mountains and higher hills.  We treasure and collect those high places that can be ascended in an hour or so, where you can go for part of the afternoon with … Continue reading