Bee's Knees Week

September 24-30, 2018

Bee’s Knees Week 2018 Funds Raised to Date: $16,802.00

Beehives Installed: 8

| $14k | $28k | $42k | $56k |

Give Back

Participating venues will be collecting a portion of proceeds from the sale of the Bee's Knees Cocktail throughout the week. Please make your donation here come October. Anyone is welcome to make a donation to this year's bee and pollinator organizations at any time.

Join the Cause

Over 350 bars and restaurants participated in Bee's Knees Week 2017. Thanks to our amazing customers, we collectively raised over $14,000 for 5 bee and pollinating organizations. Please join us this year so we can raise even more money to help save the bees!

bee’s knees week \ ‘bēs ‘nēs ‘wēk \

1) a celebration of the bee’s knees cocktail 2) a spotlight on the importance of bees in our food and drink system 3) a community of bartenders working together to save the bees

Bars, restaurants, and spirits retailers from each of the 32 states where you'll find Barr Hill are participating in Bee's Knees Week 2018.

The Barr Hill Bee's Knees

2nd to the bees, Bee's Knees Week is for celebrating this delicious gin, lemon, and honey cocktail.