The Waggle Society

What is the Waggle Society?

The Waggle Society is a group of close friends and customers. Together, we:

Enjoy the first taste of experimental spirits and rare bottles inside the Barr Hill distillery, participate in hands-on and virtual experiences curated by the Barr Hill distillery and bar, explore the intersection of agriculture, cocktail culture, and distillation. 

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Annual membership includes

• A special edition 750ml bottle of Waggle Society Tom Cat Gin. This bottle has true Vermont terroir, aged in Vermont white oak, and blended by Waggle Society members. Please note that we cannot ship spirits and you will need to pick up your bottle at the distillery

• A 20% discount on apparel, barware, and glassware at Gin Lane and at

• Access to exclusive events


/WAGGLE DANCE / a term used by beekeepers to describe the dance of the honey bee. Successful foragers perform this dance to share information with other members of the colony about the direction and distance to flowers yielding nectar or to new potential nesting locations.

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