The Waggle Society

2020 Waggle Society Members Receive:

a limited edition 750ml bottle of Montpelier Tom Cat Gin - this special release of Tom Cat marries some of our earliest barrels from our original Hardwick distillery with raw honey from beekeepers near our new home in Montpelier

access to regularly offered classes, events, tastes and private tours for Waggle Society Members

20% off all non-spirits at the Barr Hill shop in our Montpelier distillery

**** We cannot ship alcohol****
****Tax included in cost****

Already a member? You can now buy a supplementary membership to bring a guest to our special Waggle events. Buy Here!

/WAGGLE DANCE / a term used by beekeepers to describe the dance of the honey bee. Successful foragers perform this dance to share information with other members of the colony about the direction and distance to flowers yielding nectar or to new potential nesting locations.

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